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Germ-Free Vita Key™️ + Carabiner

Germ-Free Vita Key™️ + Carabiner

Germ-Free Vita Key™️ + Carabiner

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The VitaKey

Our anti-microbial VitaKey™ is the easiest and safest way to avoid germs and viruses. You can easily open doors, touch screens, press buttons, pull levers, and even use as a stylus with peace of mind. We crafted it with antimicrobial alloy which kills a wide range of bacteria and viruses. This will finally get rid of all your anxiety going out in public.

Stop Touching Filthy Surfaces 🚫✋

Open Doors, Use Touchscreens, and Press Buttons without Direct Contact.

Finally Cure your Public Anxiety🎉

Do you get anxious touching public surfaces nowadays? We do too, that's why we made a super convenient tool to eliminate your anxiety forever.

Crafted with Anti-Microbial Copper🔑

The VitaKey is made with 60% antimicrobial copper alloy. Made to kill a wide range of germs and viruses rapidly. Often within two hours or less.

Includes a Free Retractable Carabiner!

Fits perfectly on any pants or purse. It is the easiest and safest way to carry the Vita Key. It will never touch your pocket or cross-contaminate!

A Hands Free Door Opener, Germ Free Key, & No Touch Tool - All In One!

The VitaKey is a necessity in 2020 to not only protect you from viruses, but a wide range of other germs and bacteria you encounter in public. 

It serves not just as a hands free door opener, but a germ free key that does not allow bacteria and viruses to live on its surface. 

And, it works as a no touch tool, so you can press buttons in public without actually touching them! Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of the VitaKey.

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This Hands Free Door Opener Allows For No Contact In Public

The biggest benefit of this hands free door opener is that you no longer have to touch one of the most bacteria-covered surfaces you’ll encounter in public - doors.

Door handles are a breeding ground for germs, but this touchless door opener keeps you from actually needing to put your own hands on the handle.

Whether you need to use a gas station restroom or stop by your favorite shop - you can enter hands-free by using the VitaKey contactless door opener. Here’s how it works.


How This Contactless Door Opener Works

Some no contact door opener tools don’t work on many of the doors you’ll encounter in public. And, some make it pretty tough to actually pull the door open.

The VitaKey is simple to use, and versatile. Whether it’s a push or pull handle, or a door knob that you need to twist to open, you can use this anti-touch door opener to gain entry. 


A No Touch Tool To Protect You From Buttons & Touch Screens

The VitaKey doesn’t just serve as a hands free door opener. It also works as a versatile anti touch tool to protect you from germs and microbes not just on doors, but on POS systems, touch screens at the gas station, gate codes, and more.

Anything that requires you to press a button can be avoided with this no touch key! Next time you need to pay for groceries, you don’t need to use your finger to enter your pin. The rubber tip allows you to interact with touch screens touch free.


This Touchless Key Will Rid You Of The Anxiety That Comes From Touching Things In Public

Amidst this pandemic, you likely feel anxious anytime you have to touch things in public. Whether you are concerned about contracting bacteria or germs yourself, or transmitting them to an at risk individual, or both.

You can discreetly go about your day to day activities in public without having to worry anymore, thanks to the no contact key by Vita Creations.


Avoid Bacteria & Harmful Microbial Activity With This Germ Free Key

Whether you’re an immunocompromised individual or not, you definitely want to avoid most common bacteria and germs in public, especially the most notorious of all - Coronavirus.

You might be wondering how effective this no touch tool actually is when it comes to protecting you from germs. If you touch a surface with this tool and then use it again later, are those germs going to spread around the tool and then come in contact with your hand? Here is why that won’t happen.


This Germ Utility Tool Is Antimicrobial, Protecting You Day In & Day Out

The VitaKey is designed and lab tested to ensure it resists pathogens. The tip is constructed from HCR, or High Compounded Rubber. This natural material kills bacteria and viruses on contact.

The body of the tool is made from 60% antimicrobial copper, and is designed to kill a wide range of microbes and germs within 2 hours of contact.

For further protection, use the Vita Retractable Carabiner. This add-on allows you to connect the VitaKey to your waistband, and prevent you from having to put it in your pocket where cross contamination can occur.


Help Save Lives With The VitaKey No Touch Tool

On top of protecting yourself when you’re out and about with this anti touch tool, you can also feel good about your purchase knowing we will donate a mask on your behalf.

You can never be too safe, and the need to protect yourself from germs and bacteria is not going away in the future. Now more than ever, it’s important to cut back on the surfaces you come in contact with using the Vita Creations No Touch Key.


"My husband has autoimmune disease so we have to be extra careful with everything. The VitaKey is perfect and it gives us some peace of mind whenever we are heading out to run errands”

Gillian B.

“I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY VITAKEY! I am so used to using it everywhere I go and the quality is amazing because it is an American made product Highly recommended to everyone! I got my package extremely fast also”

Amber R.

"My grandkids love it, my friends love it, my kids love it. It’s honestly such a wonderful thing it is! I give the VitaKey out to my family and friends it really shows that I care about their safety during this time.”

Janet A.
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