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How To Avoid Bacteria On Door Handles

When you go out in public these days, one of your biggest concerns has to be the sheer amount of bacteria on door handles.

Sure, you need to be aware of social distancing as well, keeping a good 6’ between you and strangers to prevent direct spread of germs. But, everyone has to touch these same handles.

So, it is fair to assume these are filthy, contaminated surfaces you should avoid. Luckily, we have a way for you to do just that.

Before we talk about that, we want to discuss just how dirty public door handles are, and how long the bacteria can live on these surfaces. Then, we’ll explain how to avoid bacteria on door handles altogether! 

Just how much bacteria is on public door handles?

To give you some perspective on how gross public door handles are, consider the findings of Penn State’s recent hand hygiene program. 

They swabbed a high traffic door handle on campus, and there were over fourteen different colonies of bacteria! The volume of germs was enough to fill an entire petri dish with just one swab. In total, each of these 14 colonies contained over a million bacteria.

How quickly bacteria from door handles can spread

Another study conducted at University of Arizona, by one Dr. Charles Gerba, examined how quickly germs from a public door handle can spread. 

The findings were that one single door handle can infect up to 60% of the occupants in just four hours! 

That means that of every 10 people that enter the building, 6 will then be infected. They themselves can get sick, and can then spread it to others, helping bacteria spread exponentially.

Another study, this time conducted in an Al-Shifa hospital, took 100 swab samples from different door knobs around the facility.

Each sample taken was incubated for 24 hours for bacterial identification. What they found confirmed exactly what you would think - these door handles, even in a place with some of the strictest hygiene protocols, were contaminated as well.

Some of the strains found were Staphylococcus aureus, klebsiella pneumonia, and Serratia marcescens. All of these viruses are resistant to modern day medicine, to some degree.

What types of door handles harbor the most bacteria?

But, not all door handles are created equal. Some are far dirtier than others, as you can imagine. 

What you may be surprised to learn is that restroom door handles are actually the cleanest surface in the restroom! 

This is because people wash their hands (for the most part, hopefully) right before exiting. But aside from specific locations, there are types of door handles that are more susceptible to germ retention than others. This comes down to the type of material used.

For example, brass and copper door handles actually have antimicrobial properties, and will not allow most germs or viruses to survive on them for longer than an hour or two.

Stainless steel, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. It actually provides a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, allowing them to be absorbed into the metal and repopulate.

How long does bacteria live on door handles?

During the pandemic era, bacteria likely stands lower chances of surviving long term on a door handle. This is because hygiene protocols in public places and private businesses have gone through the roof.

Inevitably, bacteria will be cleaned off a door handle before it has a chance to die. But in some cases, door handles are not routinely cleaned!

So how long does bacteria live on door handles? It depends on the specific strain of virus or bacteria. For example, Salmonella only survives on hard surfaces for around four hours.

Others can live much longer. For example, MRSA can survive weeks, and C. difficile can live for up to 5 months!

So, we cannot leave anything up to chance and hope someone is cleaning every door handle we come in contact with. Instead, we need to actively avoid bacteria on door handles.

How can you avoid bacteria on door handles?

In the past, avoiding bacteria on door handles meant just avoiding door handles altogether, and hiding at home like a doomsday prepper.

Thankfully, that is no longer necessary. There is a tool that allows you to venture in public and go about your everyday tasks and errands without ever having to touch a door handle, or any other common surface for that matter!

The VitaCreations Germ-Free Vita Key

The VitaCreations Germ-Free Vita Key unlocks your ability to shield yourself from nasty public surfaces. 

It allows you to open public doors without actually touching them yourself, and instead using this antimicrobial tool. It is made from copper alloy that is actually disease resistant, killing most germs and viruses within 2 hours or less.

But, you aren’t just safe from touching door handles. The Vita Key can help you avoid touching touch screens at the grocery store or bank, and even pin pads at gated communities or gas stations.

No matter where you go, you can take your Vita Key with you and feel safe. No more anxiety and stress of contracting germs each time you leave your house!

And, you can feel good about buying your Vita Key because it means you’re helping create a safer world. We donate one mask for each purchase of this tool, helping stop the spread of diseases like COVID-19, and protecting our most at risk populations.

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